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Guiding Principles

DyMark Industries was built on a strong foundation with guiding principles that have remained prevalent since the corporation’s inception.


Quality :

We take pride in our work and our people and it shows- our products and services are second-to-none and our team maintains the highest quality standards for ourselves and our customers.


Honesty and Integrity :

At DyMark, we believe that honesty and integrity is the best policy; we are open and honest with our team members, suppliers and customers. We keep our word and our commitments.


Positive Thinking and Passion :

Positive thinking and passion drives our business.Our passion for metal and steel allow us to tackle the most challenging jobs and complete them with our “hell-ya- we can do that” attitude.


Work Hard...and then Play Hard :

We believe in good, old fashioned hard work and determination; it’s what the corporation is built on. We combine our passion for steel and metal with our strong work ethic to get projects done on time and to our customer’s specifications. After projects are completed? Well, that’s when the fun starts! We believe in celebrating our successes and playing hard when the work is done.



Treating our suppliers, customers and our team members with the utmost respect is one of the key values fostered at DyMark Industries. 



At DyMark Industries, we are committed to providing a safe, healthy work environment for all. Team members participate in our safety programs and we believe in “the right to know, the right to participate and the right to refuse”.


Growth and Innovation

We believe in pushing our limits to think ‘outside the box’ to address challenges and develop new, leading products and services. Innovative thinking allows us to expand and embrace our entrepreneurial spirit.



At DyMark Industries, we understand that profit is a positive word. When the corporation is doing well, we all do well. This philosophy extends to our customers as our team provides high quality products at a competitive price, on time and on spec each and every time.


Social Responsibility

To give is to receive. We believe in giving back to our communities where we work and live by giving our time and charitable donations to those in need.

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