Education and Training

Education and training is an important component in developing the professional skills and abilities of all team members at DyMark Industries. Our corporation provides support, both personal and professional, through applicable staff education and training to enhance individuals and the team as a whole.


New Staff Education, Training and Mentorship

DyMark Industries provides an informative employee orientation and safety program for new staff members before they begin work. This program is designed to orientate new staff on the corporation and deliver occupational health and safety training in numerous classroom, practical and electronic learning modules.

Mentorship between staff and management is a priority in order to make individuals feel welcome and enhance their on-the-job skills and abilities. New staff members undergo a practical orientation process where existing experienced staff members ‘show them the ropes’ as part of the orientation process.


Existing Staff Education, Training and Mentorship

Education and training does not stop when existing staff members have completed all of the required orientation and safety training. Safety refresher courses and new training programs are offered to staff throughout their career with DyMark Industries. Staff members who show initiative and exceptional leadership qualities may be mentored by management to obtain higher positions within the corporation.

Existing staff members may also choose to participate in the following education and training programs offered at DyMark Industries:


The DyMark Apprenticeship Program

DyMark works in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission to offer existing employees an apprenticeship program through which they can obtain journeyperson status in their trade to help foster their own personal growth and achieve their career goals.


Management Development Series

An in-house management development program is delivered to new and existing managers to address areas such as communication, training, leadership and recruitment.

In addition to our formal programs, DyMark Industries also actively promotes and supports Canadian Welding Bureau Certification Mentoring through the use of managers, facilities and equipment for those weld testing.

DyMark also participates in work experience programs to mentor young welders just entering the industry. Our work experience students are often hired on as full-time employees once they have completed their schooling.


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